Senior Bowl – Day 2 South


Brandon Weeden — The best QB in Mobile.  Not sure it’s even close.  Once again threw the ball well.  Looks like an NFL guy, on the field and up close.  Handles himself well in interviews.  Comes across as genuine, even when he’s giving the typical BS answers that all players give to scouts/reporters.

Nick Foles — Threw the ball well on short routes.  Didn’t like his deep passes.  The ball fluttered at times.  Just doesn’t jump out in any way.

Ryan Lindley — I had such high hopes for him coming into the year, but he had a down season and continues that trend in Mobile.  Lindley was an excellent downfield passer in 2010, but we’re just not seeing that right now.


Vick Ballard — Solid day.  Had a very good run up the middle in a team session.  Showed burst when he got to the second level.  Up and down as a receiver.  Made one nice catch, but also had a drop.  Shows potential, but needs work in that area.

Chris Rainey — Once again flashed his speed.  Was able to get to the edge on a cutback run.  Got mixed in as a receiver at times with some reps in the slot.


Joe Adams — Another good showing.  Looked fast and explosive.  Caught the ball well.  He’s helped himself with his showing so far.  Made a good downfield catch that showed his speed.  Jumped to grab a pass up high that showed his athleticism and ball skills.  Has looked good at working the middle, but with limited hitting you can’t make too much of that.  Still promising to see a small receiver do that.

Jeff Fuller — A player that will lead to some arguments.  Ran good routes.  Was able to get open.  Love his size.  Problem is that he doesn’t have great speed or hands.  Long strider who it takes a while to get going.  Some guys will love the fact he’s a big guy with ability.  Others will see him as a guy who had his way with college DBs, but will struggle in the NFL.  Hasn’t impressed here the way he needed to.

Juron Criner — Made one very good catch.  Then topped that with a great one-hand snag by the sideline.  If you watched him at Arizona, you know he can make sensational catches.  Didn’t really stand out in terms of speed or route running.


Ladarius Green — So-so day.  You can see his raw potential on some plays (size, speed), but he’s far from a finished product.  Skinny legs.  If you lined him up to block Justin Tuck, the QB or RB would be in trouble.  Definitely a project.


Zebrie Sanders — His struggles continued.  I kept writing down that this guy beat 77.  That guy beat 77.  Re-checked my roster to make sure who 77 was…Sanders.  Not good.  Struggled with speed and power.  The OL/DL drills do favor the defense, but a guy with Sanders experience and skills should do better than he has.  Did have one good play where he rode Ingram wide and kept control of him.

Cordy Glenn — You don’t appreciate how big he is until you stand next to him.  Wow.  Seemed to have a better day today.  If he gets his hands on you, he will win.  Strong.  Anchors very well.  I think he’ll be a G.  Not sure he’s got the feet for even RT, but a team like the Steelers could give him a shot outside.

Jeff Allen — Solid showing.  Interested to see where he’s used in the game, at LT or RT.  Did get beat by Ingram on one rep today.


Quinton Coples — Good day.  Was very effective with inside moves.  Still doesn’t flash explosive quickness off the edge, but is good enough at 6’6, 280.  Solid in individual drills and team sessions.  Used a good bull rush to drive Sanders back on one rep.

Melvin Ingram — The star of the Senior Bowl so far.  He won’t be taken first, but has really helped his cause.  He beat guys inside, outside, and with bull rushes.  Used a spin move to beat a blocker at one point.  Works out with the DL, but when they go to team sessions, lines up at 3-4 OLB.  Looks like a 1st round player down here.

Jaye Howard — I had some questions about why Jaye was coming to the Senior Bowl.  He answered them on Tuesday.  Had some moments when he really flashed.  Had a sack in team session.  Won his share of battles in the 1-on-1’s.  Jaye is taking advantage of his Senior Bowl invite.

Kheeston Randall — Caught my eye in some early bag drills.  Looked fluid and athletic.  Didn’t stand out as much as I hoped in the 1-on-1’s.


Courtney Upshaw — Not dominant, but quietly having a strong week of practice.  Works with the DL in drills, then is OLB in team sessions.  Had a sack yesterday in team session.  Set the edge well in run drills.  Even Cordy Glenn had trouble moving him.  Very powerful guy.  Uses his hands well as pass rusher.  Not explosive, but skilled.

Jake Bequette — LB in both drills and team sessions.  I guess the Skins figure that they’ve got 4 years of tape on him as a DE.  Has held up pretty well as a LB.  Poor man’s Ryan Kerrigan.  Is too upright as a LB, but that’s something that would be worked out in time.  I think 3-4 teams will be happy with what they’ve seen.  Athletic enough to look good in space and on the move.

Zach Brown — Very good day in coverage.  Broke up a pair of passes and was able to blanket receivers.  Impressive.  Early on in the tackling drills he was catching guys.  That got worked on and he showed progress.  Still wasn’t popping guys the way you want, but it was better.  Solid showing in the team sessions.

Sean Spence — Good day.  Played the run well.  Made plays in the backfield.  Hit and tackled well.  Fought through blockers to get to the ball.  Showed better hands in the LB drills today.  Caught the ball.  Yesterday was drop city.

Keenan Robinson — Good day in coverage.  Was able to stick with his guys and broke up one pass.  Showed some pop when he hit a RB near the sideline.


Antonio Allen — Good day.  Solid in run support.  Hit well.  Was also solid in coverage.

Janoris Jenkins — Stood out at times.  Broke well on the ball.  Good speed/quickness.  Had a PBU on a short pass to his side.  I don’t know if he’s erased any character concerns, but he’s played pretty well.

Dwight Bentley — Made a diving INT on pass that went off Fuller.  Bentley was playing off and was behind him on the play.  Coverage wasn’t perfect, but showed excellent awareness in seeing the ball and then good athleticism in getting to it.  Handled a double move well on a deep route.  Coach got on him for contacting the receiver downfield.  Bentley was in good position already.  Just had to “look and lean”.  Can’t be sloppy and hit the WR in the NFL or you draw the yellow.

Casey Hayward — Seemed to have a strong day.  Didn’t have any highlight moments, but was always there on his guy, ready to play the ball or make the tackle.  Experienced, talented CB.

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