Senior Bowl – Day One

I’m live down in Mobile.  Went to the weigh-in yesterday and the South Practice in the afternoon.  Let’s start off by talking about the weigh-in.

WR Joe Adams was just 5104, 174.  Expected him to weigh closer to 185.  He is a speed guy, but 174 is light no matter how you cut it.

Misc. note of interest…all the Ohio State guys had lots of tattoos.

DE Quinton Coples was 6056, 281.  4-3 teams will love that.  Any 3-4 teams that liked him might have preferred Coples to weigh 290ish.

WR Juron Criner came in short at 6021, but weighed 220 pounds.

WR Patrick Edwards from Houston was only 5087, 168.  That is a small receiver.

RB Terence Ganaway came in at 5114, 241.  I wasn’t sure he’d really weigh that much.

TE Ladarius Green was 6056, 237.  He’s cut, but skinny.  Can add 10-15 pounds to his frame and become a more traditional TE.  Looks more like a big WR right now.

WR Dwight Jones is 6031, 226.  Good build.  Looks natural.

WR Marquis Maze measured in at just 5076, 184.  That’s small for a guy who isn’t a blazer.

RB Chris Rainey was only 5083, 178.  He is explosively fast, but RBs need to be in the 190 range.

LB Sean Spence is undersized at 5’11, 228, but has a thick build.  He’s not workout strong, but football strong.

Bama TE Brad Smelley was small coming in, but turned out to be just 6017, 233.  That’s really small.  Not sure what to do with him.

Courtney Upshaw is a man among boys.  He is 6014, 273.  His muscles have muscles.  Really impressive guy.  Already has an NFL body.

His teammate William Vllahos, a C, had the worst body of the day.  He’s 6003, 306.  Dumpy build.  I can’t be too critical of guys who aren’t in shape, but then again…I’m not auditioning for the NFL.

OT Mike Adams is 6’7, 323.  Very impressive build.

LB Audie Cole has a good build at 6041, 248.  Also had the only ponytail of the Senior Bowl.

DE Vinny Curry is 6’3, 265.

CB Jamell Fleming is 5105, 202.  He’s got a muscular build for a CB.

S George Iloka measured in at 6035, 222.  Arms are 33 7/8.  Hands are 9 5/8.  Really intriguing kid because he runs well.

One question about James-Michael Johnson was where to play him.  Checked in at 6011, 249.  That kind of build means he should be an ILB or MLB.

RB Doug Martin is really put together.  Has a big barrell chest.  5’9, 219.

DT Mike Martin surprised me.  6012, 307.  Very cut body.  Doesn’t look like he could add much to that frame.  Really muscular.

I wanted to ask QB Kellen Moore who he was taking to the prom.  Looked like a HS kid.  Only 5116, 191.  Looked small, young.

OT Kelechi Osemele is a man.  Goes 6053, 333.  Carries that well.  Really impressive OT.

WR Brian Quick came in short at 6034.  Was listed as 6’5.  Did weigh 222 pounds.

QB Russell Wilson was only 5105, 203.  Really needed to be an inch or two taller.

DT Derek Wolfe, a favorite of mine, was 6047, 286.

PRACTICE   (Yes, Allen we are talking about practice)


Brandon Weeden does really look the part.  Throws well.  Good arm.  Accurate.

Ryan Lindley got Mike Shanahan upset because he was struggling with the snap count.  Mike halted practice to show Ryan how he wanted the snap count  to go.

RB Terrance Ganaway flashed good speed today.  He got to the edge on a couple of runs and took one in for a long TD.

TE Ladarius Green spent time as an in-line TE and flexed out.  Runs well and looked pretty good on the move.  Has skinny legs.  Must get bigger to play in-line in the NFL.

WR Joe Adams flashed his speed a few times.  He can really scoot.

OT Jeff Allen had a good day in the 1-on-1 drills.  He anchored very well.  Really tough for defenders when he got his hands on them.

OG Will Blackwell played R and LG.  Good day.  Moved well enough laterally to stop guys with outside rushes.  Anchored well.  Really competed on every rep.

OT Cordy Glenn was up and down.  He looked lost on some plays.  Was effective when he got his hands on rushers.  There is an old joke in the scouting world that “it takes a $20 cab ride to get around a guy”.  That’s the way Glenn looked.  Even when some guys beat him, it still took them forever to get to the QB.

C Ben Jones impressed me.  It rained throughout the morning, so the field wasn’t in ideal shape.  It was excellent considering, but still pretty wet.  Jones would get moved back in the 1-on-1 drill, but then was able to re-set and hold his ground.  Excellent effort.  Not flashy, but just good.

UAB OT Matt McCants struggled.  Good frame, but looked a bit stiff and upright.  Needs to really improve on Tuesday to help himself.

I was surprised to see Zebrie Sanders struggle.  Solid OT prospect, but there was a stretch today where multiple guys beat him.  Everyone’s best moments came against him.  Probably not a coincidence.


Melvin Ingram was the DL prospect I liked the most.  Was dominant at times in the 1-on-1’s.  Used inside moves.  Used outside moves.  Bull rushed.  Did it all and got pressure.  In the bag drills, you could see what a gifted, natural athlete he is.  Very fluid movement skills.

Brandon Thompson had a good day.  The 1-on-1 drills are a good setting for him.  He’s able to fire off ball and get upfield.  Good effort even when he was blocked.  Able to use strength as well as quickness.

DT Tydreke Powell had a solid showing.  Flashed some quickness off the ball. Good effort.

DT Jaye Howard was a very mixed bag.  On some drills, he fired off the ball and impressed.  Other times he was a JAG.  Didn’t look good in the bag drills.  Was stiff and upright.

DE Quinton Coples had a solid showing.  He wasn’t as dominant as you might have hoped, but he was clearly a top shelf DL.

Jake Bequette played mostly OLB.  He looked okay when dropping into coverage because he’s a good athlete and did some of that in college, but he was still somewhat awkward.

Sean Spence was the most natural LB on the South team.  He looked good in the movement drills.  He did well when they went live.  He had good pop when they were doing tackling drills.  The one weak spot was that he struggled catching the ball in coveraged drills.  An undersized LB like Sean needs to catch the ball well to help his value.

Zach Brown really looks the part at 6’1, 236.  You could see his athleticism.  I was hoping he’d tackle well, but that wasn’t the case.  In the tackling drills, he was catch-tackling.  Rather than popping the runner, he was absorbing contact.  You want LBs to run through the target, not just to it.  I didn’t see if he had any tackles in the live sessions.

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