Senior Bowl – Day 2 North

Good day of practice.  A bit windy, but excellent football weather.  The Vikings staff ran the practice and did an excellent job.  There was a good tempo to things and lots of energy.  They started off with some STs work and then broke into positional drills.

Let’s start with the QBs.  I heard yesterday that Kellen Moore looked awful and that Russell Wilson wasn’t very sharp.  Based on that, I had low expectations.  Both players had a solid day from what I could tell.  I’ll go ahead and get this nugget out of the way right now…one person can’t see every rep when there are 4 different things going on at once.

When I did check out the QBs, I liked what I saw from Moore and Wilson.  Moore made good decisions and was accurate with his passes.  He had good velocity on a couple of intermediate throws and almost connected down the sideline with one deep ball.

Wilson threw the ball well on some plays.  He had some passes with good velocity and accuracy.  My one concern with him was slow reads.  He went through his reads on plays, but wasn’t doing so quickly.  That’s okay in 7-on-7s, but not real games.

Moore I thought looked good with his decision-making.  He does look really young (and small), but he’s got a PhD when it comes to running an offense.

QB Kirk Cousins was okay, but didn’t stand out to me.  He did put good touch on his deep balls.  He was accurate on those throws as well.


TJ Graham — Fast.  Didn’t run great routes.  Had a muff when used as a PR.  Won some battles in the coverage drills.  Lost some others.

DeVier Posey — Had one sloppy drop.  He can make some great catches, but his hands looked erratic on that play.

Marvin Jones — Reportedly had a strong day on Monday.  I was very impressed with what I saw.  Showed the ability to beat press coverage and get separation.  Made some nice grabs.  Has helped himself a lot in 2 days.  Is playing fast and quick.  Good feet and body control.

Marvin McNutt — Ran good routes and showed the ability to get open.  Beat a CB with a really good move to the inside, but wasn’t able to catch the ball.  The pass was low, but catchable.  Solid showing.

Brian Quick — Hurting himself.  Small school kid comes to the big show and struggles.  Made a couple of catches where he looked good, but matched them with drops.  Needs a lot of work, but still very talented.  


Michael Egnew — Good frame at 6’5, 251, but most Mizzou TEs lack blocking skills.  They are so used to the spread offense that lining up in tight and blocking is foreign to them.  Egnew stood out in pass protection drills.  I didn’t get to see him catch passes, but he caught 147 passes at Mizzou so blocking was of more interest to me.

Emil Igwenawu — Only 6’2, 243 so likely will need to be FB or H-back in the NFL.  Had some very good blocks in the pass blocking drills.  Struggled with catching the ball.  Had more than a couple of drops.


Chris Polk — Had some struggles in pass protection.  Had some good runs.

Dan Herron — Ran well.


Kevin Zeitler — Played both G and C.  Had some issues with snaps.  Blocked well.

Kelechi Osemele — Has played LT, RT, and RG.  Solid showing.  Put DE on the ground on one pass play.  Really massive guy, but carries it well.  I do think he can play LT for some teams.  Has better feet than you think.  Reminds me of Jeff Otah.

Johnnie Troutman — He’s not going to win any fitness contests, but he can anchor in pass protection.

Mike Adams — Continues to be the top OL in Mobile.  Played LT and RT.  Generally shut guys down.  Did get beaten by Cam Johnson on an inside move.  Looks like 1st round OT now.  Top 20?


Vinny Curry — Looked fast off the edge.  Able to get by OTs with hard outside rushes.  Stays low and occasionally they would drive him to the ground.

Mike Martin — Had a good battle with Ohio State C Michael Brewster.  They faced off a few times.  You could tell they really respect each other, but love to compete.  Martin won his share of battles.  Blew up one run play in the team session.  Played NT and UT.

Kendall Reyes — Good day.  Quick off the ball and was disruptive vs the run.  I’m not a big fan, but he flashed today.

Alameda Ta’Amu — Struggles in the 1-on-1 drills.  No pass rush moves.  Tries to bull rush on every play.  Is a real powerful guy, but needs more moves.

Cam Johnson — DE that I’ve liked quite a bit this year.  Good player.  Measured in at 6’4, 267.  Had a good day today.  Beat Mike Adams with a smooth inside move.  Blew up a run play and got TFL in team session.


Audie Cole — Interesting guy.  Watched him closely in some drills.  Doesn’t have great feet.  Has to start and stop when moving in the bag drills.  Does keep his head up and his eyes focused on the ball.  Did very well in the pass rush drill.  Has a very good swim move.  Played OLB in the team sessions.  Might lack athleticism, but smart in terms of coverage.  Did a good job of jamming receivers on underneath routes.

Shea McClellin — DE at Boise State, but is playing WLB here.  Looks like a LB.  Caught my eye in the bag drills.  Looked natural.  Good tackler.

James-Michael Johnson — Came in heavier than expected at 249 pounds.  That makes him a MLB (if there was any question).  Was up and down in the pass rush drills.  At first tried to use power rush a lot.  Mixed in good inside move and beat the blocker.  Showed some pop when he tackled.  Missed a tackle of Polk in the team session.

Bobby Wagner — Good athlete.  Showed good feet in the bag drills and moved well.  Sloppy in the tackling drills.  Was catching guys instead of really popping them.  Not impressive in the pass rush drills.

Demario Davis — Didn’t look all that impressive in the bag drills, but Mike Singeltary was encouraging him so he must have seen something he liked.   Despite not being a huge guy, Davis played MLB.  I thought he had a good day in the team sessions.  Wasn’t afraid to take on blockers and fight through them.   Handled inside runs well.

Lavonte David — Very good in coverage.  Able to run with some WRs.  Good WLB prospect for someone.  Plays fast and likes to hit.


George Iloka — Big Safety at 6’4, 222.  Made a nice pick in the team session.  Looked awkward when playing off coverage vs WR.  Didn’t get a feel for him as a hitter/tackler.

Asa Jackson — Small school CB.  Looked good as a PR.  Caught the ball smoothly.  Up and down in coverage.

Alfonzo Dennard — Continues to be erratic in coverage.  Excelled in the Huskers defense where he was allowed to break on the ball.  Things are different in Mobile and Dennard is all over the place.

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