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* QB Robert Griffin III is the elite prospect on Baylor’s offense, but RB Terence Ganaway and WR Kendall Wright are both impressive players. Ganaway had a huge game in the Alamo Bowl. He was 21-200 on the ground with 5 TDs. The highlight play was an 89-yard TD run. Ganaway got the ball on a run up the middle and just exploded upfield. His burst got him to the secondary quickly. I was really blown away that no defender seriously closed on him. Ganaway showed great speed for a RB that goes in the 240 range. The downside with him is that he doesn’t always run like a big back. He isn’t a guy that lowers his shoulder and tries to punish tacklers. Several of the TD runs were short dive plays right at the GL. It was good to see him fire off the ball on those plays. Could be a real interesting backup in the NFL.

Wright didn’t post great numbers, going 7-91-1. He was impressive. He caught short passes and showed good RAC ability. He exploded off the ball on some routes and showed excellent speed. He did catch one deep ball that went for 48 yards. Wright has good hands. I also like the fact that while he’s fast and athletic, Wright will go into traffic. He’s not shy of crossing the middle or getting hit. Wright could be a 2nd round pick.

I’ll cover RG3 later. He deserves lengthy discussion.

* Washington RB Chris Polk had a good showing in the Alamo Bowl, going 30-147-1. That included a 56-yard TD run late in the 1st half. Polk is one of my favorite runners in all of college, but he’s not a great pro prospect. Polk is very physical. Finishes his runs. Doesn’t go down on first contact and is hard to tackle. The problem is that he’s not gifted. He won’t be picked in the 1st or 2nd round. I think he can be a good NFL RB, but he won’t be drafted highly. Will always be fun to watch because he runs so hard and is so tough.

* I’ve written about Iowa DT Mike Daniels this year. He failed to really impress me when watching him at midseason. Daniels was great in the bowl game. He was in on 5 tackles. 3 of them were TFLs (2 sacks). Daniels was disruptive plenty of other plays. Really strong night. He’s still small and not a great prospect, but that was a terrific showing by him. 1-gap teams will have interest in him as a role player.

* Oklahoma CB Jamell Fleming was outstanding in that game. He shut down WR Marvin McNutt. Fleming had 7 tackles, 3 PBUs, and an INT. He was physical with McNutt and bothered him all game. Fleming is a physical cover guy and good tackler. I’m curious about his speed. If he doesn’t run well, has the skill set to move to Safety. I like him as a CB, but OU has had some DBs in recent years who were slow at the Combine.

LB Travis Lewis had a solid night. He was in on 5 tackles and had 2 TFLs. One of them was a sack where he blitzed the A-gap and just slung the QB down. That play showed good burst and playmaking ability. Lewis couldn’t make a form tackle, but was able to reach out with his hand and make the play. Solid night in coverage.

* Western Michigan WR Jordan White had a great showing in the Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl. He was 13-265-1. Those are video game numbers. One of the catches was simply brilliant. White reached out behind him to snatch an errant pass. Great hands, body control. Missed 2 years with injuries. That will affect his value. I’m also curious to see how he does at Indy in the workouts. We’ve seen some MAC receivers put up great numbers and then go fizzle in front of scouts. White sure looks like he could be at least a terrific slot receiver.

* Syracuse DE Chandler Jones is going to enter the draft. He’s big at 6’6, 260 (or so). I haven’t had a chance to watch him much, but guys with that frame and some athletic ability are always intriguing.

* Wake Forest WR Chris Givens announced that he’s coming out. I’m not a fan of this move. Givens is a good player and he had a terrific season, but he’s not special. Guys like him should always stay in school. Give scouts as much time as possible to study you. Go to the Senior Bowl or some other all star game. Guys who come out early need to be special players or guys with special circumstances.

* UAB OT Matt McCants will be at the Senior Bowl. Those announcements are starting to trickle out. McCants lists at 6’7, 295 and has 42 career starts. Guys like McCants can do themselves a world of good in Mobile.

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    Is Texas A&M WR Fuller an NFL prospect and where do you think he’ll go in the draft?

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