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* Rumors broke on Thursday that Matt Kalil, the LT from USC, was going to stay in school. Kalil indicated those reports were erroneous and that no decision has been made. He is the top LT in the country, but since he’s a Junior we have to wait and see if he’s coming out or not.

* This doesn’t appear to be a strong group of Senior OTs. One player that is very impressive is Iowa State LT Kelechi Osemele. He’s started for 3 1/2 years (43 consecutive starts). Massive guy at 6’6, 347. I’m sure some teams will project him at G. I think he can play T, even LT in the right system. Osemele could be a LT for the Steelers or a power run team like them.

Osemele is a solid pass blocker. He’s got better feet than you might expect for a guy his size. He works hard to mirror rushers. Osemele doesn’t have ideal lateral agility, which makes him susceptible to inside moves. Suprisingly good cut blocker for massive guy. Fires out. Very good down blocker. Can just cave in a DT.

Has a chance to be a 1st round pick. Osemele will be going to the Senior Bowl. I think he’ll stand out as a run blocker, but his pass blocking is what will really affect his value.

* While watching the Iowa State / Kansas State game, I checked out a pair of star Junior LBs. Arthur Brown was an elite recruit coming out of HS. He started off at Miami, but had a messy transfer that led him to KSU. Brown did impress me. Good tackler. Fast. Active LB with excellent range. I hope he stays in school. I didn’t see anything from him that made me think he’s so good that going pro would be the wise decision. He’d certainly be drafted (reasonably high), but I think another year would help his value.

Jake Knott of ISU is another talented Junior LB. He’s extremely productive. Last year he was 12th in the nation in tackles. This year he’s fallen down to 42nd. He does have 2 INTs and 3 FFs. I liked him a lot, but would still love to see him return for his Senior year.

* One player who had a terrific showing on Saturday was Cincinnati DT Derek Wolfe. He had 5 TFLs (which give him 19.5 for the year – 6th nationally). 2.5 of those were sacks. Wolfe lists at 6’5, 300. He actually looked a bit shorter than that to me. Good quickness off the ball. Natural pass rusher. He is DT in the base, but played NT in the Nickel (3-man DL). Natural 3-technique. Got one of the sacks when looping around another defender in the Nickel. Pretty good athlete.

Wolfe is made to play in a 1-gap system. Some 3-4 teams could look at him as a DE, but I think even 3-4 teams would want him to be a 1-gap player. At his best attacking upfield, not eating up blockers. Wolfe is a 3-year starter who got better each year. Real intriguing player. I want to study him more before figuring out his value. Might just be a role player to begin his NFL career, but his skill set could make him very good backup and situational pass rusher.

* Miami WR Tommy Streeter announced he’s coming out early. Good season, 46-811-8. Lists at 6’5, 215. Very talented. Also raw. Has excellent combination of size, speed, and ability. Natural receiver. Needs work. Only had 6 catches coming into this year and it shows. I’ve just watched a bit of him. Much more work to be done. And the Combine will be hugely important for him. That will give us an idea just how athletic he is.

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2 Responses to Player Notes

  1. J Rome says:

    I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Malik Jackson of Tennessee and how he may fit in the Eagles defensive scheme as a DE? Also wondering if the Eagles end up picking 10th, is that too high to take a shot on Burfict?

  2. Tommy Lawlor says:

    Malik would be an odd fit for the Eagles at DE. The best players are 6’3 or so and can fire off the ball. Jackson has played DT and DE for the Vols. Looks better at DE, but would fit other systems better. Eagles might prefer him as a 1-gap DT.

    I would not spend a 1st round pick on Burfict. Too boom or bust.

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