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Okay, Tim Tebow is the absolute flavor of the month.  His fans are going nuts after yesterday’s comeback win over the Dolphins.  Nice win.  Great job on the comeback.

One problem…what are you doing losing to Miami by 15?  For my money, the Dolphins are the worst team in the league (I’ll talk about the Colts in a bit).  Going on the road is never easy, but the Dolphins were working on a short week.  They just lost a tough game to the Jets on MNF.

At halftime yesterday, Tebow was 3-5-24 as a passer.  5 passes in the 1st half?  Crazy.  That’s not an NFL offense.  In the 2nd half he was 10-22-127.  19 of those passes came in the 4th quarter.  His coaches basically didn’t trust him to truly run the offense until they absolutely had to.  That’s not an encouraging sign.

When it did open up, Tebow got the job done.  It wasn’t pretty, but the results were good.  We sorta figured he would be okay in that situation because of his ability to run and scramble. Things get helter skelter at the end of a game.  What we don’t know is if he can function as a passer in a conventional NFL offense for 60 minutes.

And let’s understand the competition.  Miami is 23rd in the NFL in yards allowed and 22nd in points allowed.  They have a couple of good players, but are hardly a juggernaut defense.

I’m not for or against Tebow.  Great college player.  NFL mystery.  I’m one of the few who is willing to wait and judge him based on what I see.  His fans love his intangibles, but those people have to understand that NFL history is littered with nice guys who finished last, to steal a line from baseball history.  No one questions Tebow’s work ethic, toughness, or desire.  That’s just not enough in the NFL.

The flip side is that some people are so anti-Tebow it is crazy.  Cris Carter was going crazy yesterday on ESPN about how Tebow can’t make it.  There hasn’t been a QB like him before so how can we expect Tebow to succeed?  Wow.  That’s a pretty idiotic mentality.

Joe Tiller brought the spread offense to the Big Ten.  That was unheard of.  How’d that work out?  Now every team runs the spread or uses some version of it at times.

Remember the lunacy that Black QBs couldn’t win?  Now skin color is irrelevant to any legitimate QB discussion.

Did any of us expect Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, or Christian Ponder to look good as rookies?  Heck no.  Ponder just got his first start.  He lost, but showed some very positive signs.  Dalton would be getting a lot of pub except that Newton has been unbelievable.

There always has to be an outrider…a trend breaker. Newton is doing insane things as a rookie.  Can Tebow follow in his footsteps and become a winner as an unconventional QB?  Newton is infinitely more gifted as a passer.  His game is shockingly polished for a rookie with no offseason.  Tebow still looks like a major project.  And that’s one of the reasons I have serious doubts.  Newton hasn’t played nearly as much football as Tebow, but is light years ahead.  It would help if the coaching staff embraced Tebow more, but that argument works for and against him.  If the guys who do watch him practice every day don’t like him…why should we?

Tebow could easily fail as an NFL QB.  In fact, I don’t expect him to succeed.  I’m not ready to say it is a lock because he could be that guy who will be the trend breaker.  For now, I’m just going to sit back and watch.

* * * * *

I think the Colts are bad, but the Dolphins are worse.  Indy got smoked by the Saints 62-7, but prior to that they had lost only one other blowout…the season opener.  Both teams are bad.  Very bad.  The Colts have had a lot of things go wrong.  The Dolphins did lose Chad Henne, but they weren’t built around him like the Colts were Peyton Manning.

The Dolphins have lost 4 games by 10 or more points.  They haven’t scored more than 16 since the season opener.

The Rams are the worst team in the NFC and might be the worst team in the NFL.  They’ve been decimated by injuries and have played a brutal schedule.  Next up…the Saints.  Oh boy…

* * * * *

DB D.J. Moore of the Bears has the uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.  He leads the ream with 3 INTs and 6 pass breakups this year.  Last year he had 4 INTs.  He had a pick-6 in each season.  Moore isn’t a great player, but he’s a playmaker.

* * * * *

I loved CB Antoine Cason when he was coming out of Arizona.  Big time playmaking CB.  He’s had an up and down time in the NFL.  Yesterday was a downer.  He gave up 3 TDs to Plaxico Burress.  I was pretty surprised that the Chargers didn’t try to help him.  Burress was just too much down in the Red Zone.

* * * * *

I’m real interested to see how SF plays the rest of the season.  Evan Silva made a great point on Twitter after last week’s handshake situation.  This feels an awful lot like 2009, when the Broncos were 6-0.  Josh McDaniels beat the Pats in Denver and then did a lap around the stadium.  The team finished 2-8 and was awful last year as well.

Head coaches that are fiery and emotional can be dangerous.  The NFL season is a marathon.  You can’t get too up or down for regular season games.  Emotion and the rah-rah stuff can work in college, but not so much in the NFL.

* * * * *

One player quietly having a good season is Buffalo S George Wilson.  He leads the team in tackles.  He has 3 INTs, a FF, 2 TFL, and 5 PBUs this year.  He gave the Eagles fits a couple of weeks ago with his blitzing and tackling.  Wilson was a WR at Arkansas, but has done a terrific job of converting to defense.

* * * * *

RB Frank Gore is re-born.  In the first 3 games he was 59-148-1.  Since then, he is 50-393-3.  That’s insane.  Gore looked slow early on.  He got healthy in Week 4 and has shown good burst/speed ever since.  His production is a big part of the reason the Niners are winning.

* * * * *

QB Phillip Rivers was awful yesterday on the Chargers final drive.  I don’t know what the hell he was thinking.  The Chargers had a tough task ahead of them, needing to go 76 yards for a TD with about 90 seconds and no timeouts.

Rivers hit Antonio Gates for a gain of 18 to start things off.  That was good.  Then Rivers hit a WR for 3 yards.  He followed that up with a pass to a RB for 4 yards.  On 3rd/3 he threw for Gates and it was incomplete.  On 4th down he threw an intermediate pass that was not close to being caught.  By that time the clock was so low that even getting the 1st down didn’t mean much.

Rivers should have never completed the short pass to the RB.  He should have thrown that ball into the ground and then gotten his head right.  4 yards aren’t worth 25 seconds.  Rivers is a smart, veteran QB.  He has to know that.  He showed poor situational awareness.  It was as if he didn’t know the clock was under a minute.  Bad 2nd half for him.  Awful final drive.

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