Player Notes – Week 3

* Nebraska LB Lavonte David was in on 8 tackles vs Washington. Only 1 of them was a solo stop. He did have one highlight play. David came up with an impressive INT. He had man coverage on the TE, who was running a crossing route. David trailed by a step and then under-cut the TE and picked the ball off. David is an undersized LB so it is critical for him to show good coverage skills.

* CB Chase Minnifield had a rough day in Virginia’s loss to UNC. Minnifield is one of the top Senior corners in the nation. You may recognize the name. He’s the son of former NFL star Frank Minnifield. Chase had a few passes thrown his way Saturday. He gave up one TD on a short Red Zone throw. He was later called for holding on a pass play in the endzone. He did have 4 tackles on the day.

* Gators RB Chris Rainey posted a monster game vs Tennessee. He ran 21 times for 108 yards. He caught 2 passes for 104 yards. He also blocked a punt. One of the receptions was an 83-yard TD. You could see Rainey’s explosive speed on the play. He ran by everyone in the open. He’ll need to be a role player in the NFL, but that speed is legit. Blocking the punt helps his value. Backup RBs need to be able to return kicks and/or cover them. Rainey also returned 3 punts for 21 yards.

* MLB Luke Kuechly had another very productive game for BC. Check this out…23 total tackles, 17 solo. He was all over the field against Duke’s spread passing attack. Kuechly showed good range. He flew all over the field. Almost took one WR’s head off with a tackle over by the sideline. Kuechly was also a force in the middle. Duke’s go-ahead TD was a QB sneak. Kuechly was right there to stuff it. Might have, actually. Refs signaled TD, but replay was inconclusive.  Kuechly must show teams that he can be an effective LB even when playing spread attacks.  2-down run stuffers aren’t exactly coveted prizes in the NFL anymore.

* Dwayne Allen is a Junior TE for Clemson, but a legit pro prospect. He had a 54-yard TD catch in the season opener vs Troy. Allen had 7 catches for 80 yards and a TD on Saturday vs Auburn. Good athlete. Runs good routes. Excellent body control, agility. Natural pass catcher. Saturday was the first time I’ve really watched him. Impressive kid. If Clemson throws him the ball enough, he could have a monster season. Very tough to cover.

* Landry Jones failed to impress in Oklahoma’s big win over Florida State. He did lead the Sooners to the win and had some good moments, but hardly looked like a top NFL prospect. Jones managed the game well. He was tough in the pocket. OU’s hurry up offense wasn’t overly affected by the hostile environment in large part due to Jones management and leadership. He’s just not physically gifted. He threw several deep balls. The passes were lob type throws. One was very accurate, but another off target and got picked off. You can get away with putting air under the ball in college, but not in the NFL. Jones isn’t much of a runner or athlete. Good solid college player with some pro potential, but certainly not as an early pick. For the game he was 18-27-199. He had a TD and 2 INTs. FSU did a good job on WR Ryan Broyles. He caught 7 passes, but for just 55 yards.

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