Enjoy the Greatness of LB Brian Rolle

For all the undersized LBs out there, watch Rolle (#59) put Rams C Jason Brown on his butt.  Bigger isn’t always better.


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5 Responses to Enjoy the Greatness of LB Brian Rolle

  1. steve williams says:

    Too bad Brian’s last name isnt Matthews. Had there been an actual competition, a different rookie might be starting at MLB. I’ve heard the rationale for not having an actual competition, shorter camp, fewer reps, no OTA’s: so in order to Casey ready, he needed all the reps? How’s that worked out so far? I know its early, but seriously, the early returns are not good. Its hard to have a civil conversation about the lb’s without being labeled a “Casey hater,” but if anyone who watched the tape of last week, saw a less impactful linebacker than Casey Matthews, show me. The guy runs himself out of plays, for all the talk about his smarts and instincts, rarely diagnosis plays quickly enough to make a tackle. I know its one game, but contrast Stew or Chaney in early action vs this guy.

    Ok, give him time….what’s his upside? He makes the leap from pathetic to mediocre? Sorry, every draft pick doesnt work out….every guy whose last name is Matthews is going to be a great player.

  2. steve williams says:

    No edit feature, sorry, last line shoulda read, “every guy whose name is Matthews, “isnt” gonna be a great player.

  3. Dewey says:

    Jeez. Steve Williams isn’t too bitter. Let’s see. A 4th round MLB, in an off-season without an off-season after one game.

    No, definitely not too early to label pathetic or even mediocre.

    And definitely not too early to choose a size-challenged backup to replace him given a single replay.

    Rolle could end up being a better LB, he could not.

    Shouldn’t we trust people who actually know football?

    I also don’t get this infatuation with Matthews last name. Greg Lloyd has a “good” last name, he’s nothing. Koy Detmer was dismissed summarily. Little Klecko?

  4. steve williams says:

    I’m not suggesting that I know more than the ” people who actually know football” those have been known to make a mistake or two. You cite that Matthews had no offseason, exactly why you dont put him out there. Bleeding Green Nation put together this compilation of plays from week 1, watch your hero, run himself out of plays, dance around blocks or unable to get off blocks. One of his supposed strengths is his “football smarts and great instincts,” unfortunately, those great instincts havent translated into diagnosing plays and making plays at the point of attack. But if you think its a personal attack, and its too early to have an opinion? I doubt I could convince you otherwise….wont even try…take a look


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