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Miami has suspended 8 players.  This isn’t the NCAA, but the school.  They can play the players once they’ve been cleared.  LB Sean Spence is one of the suspended players.  He’s undersized, but a highly productive and experienced player.

A couple of Georgia O-linemen are among the best NFL prospects in the SEC, according to ESPN.

Jack Butler isn’t a household name, but he’s known by NFL historians as well as NFL personnel departments.  Jack was a DB for the Steelers back in the 1950s and had 52 INTs.  He then joined BLESTO and worked there for 40 years.  BLESTO is a scouting service used by a number of NFL teams.  Now Butler has been named a finalist for the Hall of Fame by the seniors committee.  I hope he gets in.  Jack is an NFL lifer and made the league a better place during his time as a player and scout.

Here is the CollegeFootballNews All-American team:



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