Craig James Fan Club

I stumbled across this Q&A on college football and the media.  Several of the magazine’s writers were asked a variety of questions.  There are some good nuggets, but the best part is all the Craig James bashing.  You really do wonder how Pony, his old nickname, still has a job.  Horrible analyst and he’s involved in some odd stuff.

I love college football and most of the broadcasters, but Craig would be the first to go if I had my way.  Andre Ware has gotten better, but still references Houston and his Heisman Trophy too much.

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One Response to Craig James Fan Club

  1. BigEFly says:

    Hey, Ware is great. Don’t dis UH.Should be talked about regularly. Like munchkin WRs? Try Carrier. I like Bryce Beally as a late round pick to replace Brown next year. He runs, he catches, he pass protects, he returns kicks..

    Craig has been awful for years. Pony is his nickname for the payoff he got at SMU.

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