Will Rackley

by Tommy Lawlor  –  http://www.ScoutsNotebook.com

Quick post for Friday night.  I watched a couple of Lehigh games yesterday to check out OL Will Rackley.  He played LT for Lehigh, but projects on the inside in the NFL.  The first game I watched was against Lafayette.  Rackley (6’3, 308) was very impressive.  He has a thick, strong build.  Excellent run blocker, as you might guess.  Fires off the ball and really gets after it.  Very good at down blocks on the DT, but also good at getting to the 2nd level and taking on LBs.  Rackley uses his hands very well.  He gets them on a defender and then works to sustain the block.

Against Lafayette he was also quite good in pass pro.  His kick slide was smooth and he showed good lateral agility.  He didn’t look NFL LT good, but I was caught off guard at the quality of his pass blocking.  I then put on a game tape against Drake.  Rackley was much more up and down.  The RDE gave him quite a bit of trouble.  Rackley didn’t officially give up any sacks, but his DE pressured the QB heavily on several plays.  Rackley didn’t look nearly as quick or agile in pass pro.

With his size and skill set I think Rackley can be a starting OG in the NFL.  He played well in the Shrine Game (on the inside).  He didn’t put up good workout numbers at the Combine or his Pro Day, but he’s not an athlete so that’s okay.  Seems like a good kid.  He’s still taking a full load of classes this semester.  You want smart, high character guys on the O-line and Rackley certainly fits the bill in that regard.  Could go in the 3rd or 4th round.

I don’t know that I had ever watched a Drake football game before Thursday.  They finished 3rd in I-AA in sacks and were 6th in run defense.  The DL was very good.  The back seven needs a lot of work, but some coach has done a good job developing that front line.  Kudos to him and all the small school coaches who don’t get star athletes, but still put out some very good units.

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