Some Pre-Combine Player Notes

by Tommy Lawlor  –

Sorry for the week of silence.  Flu 1, Tommy 0.

I’ll be posting regular notes during the Combine.  Here are some quick notes on various players from games I watched last week and a little this week.

* Casey Matthews keeps me confused.  I love his cover skills.  He’s smart and instinctive.  He anticipates routes and plays the ball.  Pretty good athlete.  He is a good tackler out in space.  As a run defender, I have issues.  He seems to guess a lot as to where the ball will be.  He doesn’t shed blocks well.  He’s not a very physical presence on the inside.  He will tackle well if kept clean and given a target.  I’m starting to wonder if he’s not more of a WLB.

* The best blocking TE I’ve seen this year is Andre Smith of Va Tech.  Put on the Miami game and watch him control Allen Bailey on multiple pass play.  Could Smith add 15 pounds and be a light, athletic OT?  Real good blocker.

* Sticking with Tech, I finally watched some Ryan Williams tape.  Very impressive RB.  He really looks like the complete package.  I wonder if he’ll be a Clinton Portis type that goes in the 2nd round and outplays all the guys taken ahead of him.

* After watching some more of CB Brandon Harris I do wonder what his raw speed is.  In the VT game he had receivers getting behind him more than a few times.

* The more I watch of OT Tyron Smith, the more impressed I am.  Great feet.  Good pass blocker. Real good run blocker.  Looks a bit raw, but has great potential.

* C Kevin Kowalski of Toledo is interesting.  He’s very good with shotgun snaps.  He plays with good leverage.  He looks quick and somewhat athletic.  I have a couple of concerns.  In the EMU game he had 3 terrible cutblocks.  Rather than exploding through the legs of his target it was almost as if he layed down at their feet to be a speed bump.  Weird.  Kevin didn’t look very strong in that game either.  That’s not good against EMU.

* Syracuse has 2 LBs that had big years.  MLB Terrell Smith looks a bit stiff.  He’s smart and physical, but I’m just not sure he’s athletic enough for the NFL.  Doug Hogue is intriguing.  I need to watch more tape of him.  And I continue to be impressed by RB Delone Carter.

* RB Shane Vereen of Cal is a guy I like quite a bit.  He’ll probably only be a mid-round pick, but could be an excellent NFL RB.

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