Texas vs Nation Game – Early Review

by Tommy Lawlor  –  http://www.ScoutsNotebook.com

I watched the game on Saturday hoping to see some players stand out. TvsN is a game that features players you haven’t necessarily seen a lot of. They do a good job of mixing in small school players and some guys from bigger schools that are just flying under the radar. I came away pretty pleased with Saturday’s game.

* DT Kendrick Ellis from Hampton lived up to the hype. At 6’5, 336 and with some athletic ability I expected him to show dominant potential. He did just that. Ellis made his share of plays in the backfield. He also got a sack. He overwhelmed blockers several times. Ellis is far from a great prospect. He needs coaching. A lot of what he does now is just using his size/strength to get the best of blockers. Ellis did show a good motor. If his character questions check out, Ellis could be a 4th round pick. Real intriguing player.

* Willie Smith played both LG and LT. I was very impressed with him. Smith (6’5, 305) has good feet and moves well. Solid run and pass blocker. He didn’t play much in the 2nd half so I need to find out if he got hurt or what happened.

* DT Jerrell Powe came into the game with the biggest rep. He flashed a few times. He exploded into the backfield for a TFL. He got penetration on the goal line stand at the end and helped stop the RB on 4th/GL. He wasn’t a consistent force, but you could see his potential.

* RB Mario Fannin had a disappointing Senior season, but played well in the game. He was good as a runner and receiver. He was patient and read his blocks well. He showed better speed than I thought he had. Fannin helped himself.

* CB Anthony Gaitor had a good game. He covered tightly on a regular basis.     * CB Vance Cuff never stood out to me at Georgia, but played well. He squatted on routes quite a bit. That doesn’t always work in a regular game, but he did a good job of it on Saturday. He broke quickly on the ball and tackled well.

* DE Roberto Davis (6’2, 247) of NW Missouri State came up big. He had 2 sacks, a FF, and FR. He was quick off the ball. I don’t know that he’s got the functional size/strength to play DE in the NFL, but he can be a situational rusher.

* RB Damien Berry had a 72-yard TD run. Nothing fancy. He ran through one tackle and then just used his speed to get down the sideline.

* DE Christian Anthony missed most of the season because of heart issues, but you could see his talent yesterday. He beat OTs with inside moves and speed rushes to the outside. He absolutely has NFL talent, but his medical situation is very tricky.

* DE Clay Nurse looked quick and athletic at times. He’s another guy that never stood out to me when I watched him play during the season.

* WR Stephen Burton of West Texas A&M had a productive day. He caught several passes. He was effective down the field as well as over the middle. I’m curious about his speed.

* WR Denarius Moore also had a good game. He caught a 28-yard TD pass. He had a productive day and looked like the best receiver on the field.

* None of the QBs really impressed me. TJ Yates did some good things, but was involved in a pair of critical turnovers.

* LB Tressor Baptiste did some good things. He had a TFL on a run play to the outside. Baptiste fired upfield and got the RB by the foot. He showed good range in chasing plays all over the field.

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