Senior Bowl, Day 3

by Tommy Lawlor  –

Day 3 — SOUTH

Andy Dalton – Solid day. Connected with Hankerson on a beautiful slant pass.

Greg McElroy – Completed a deep ball in the team session, but the pass took a while to get there. Good NFL DBs would have made a play on the ball. Looked comfortable running the offense, but you can see his physical limitations.

Christian Ponder – Hit Johnson on a crossing route with a good throw. Ball was out front where Ron could snatch it and not have to slow down. I keep waiting for Ponder to impress me, but it hasn’t happened. He’s just…so-so.


Leonard Hankerson – Solid day. Catches the ball well. Looks like a good possession receiver. I still have concerns about his speed and athleticism.

Greg Salas – Looks weird, but the guy can flat out get open and catch the ball. Good hands. Adjusts well to the ball.

Courtney Smith – Up and down. Ran better routes. Looked pretty good on the move. Had trouble with drops.


Noel Devine – Did well in the team session. Ran the ball and showed good vision. Made a terrific cutback on one play. Looked fast, quick, and nimble.

Derrick Locke – Ran well in the team drills. There was no tackling, so that helped, but Locke did look good on the move. Good burst, speed. Ran hard.


DJ Williams – Natural athlete. Runs well. Cuts smoothly. Good receiver.

Luke Stocker – Big guy. Doesn’t run all that well, but plays big. Has pretty good body control. Had a good block on run play in team session to spring runner to the outside.


DeMarcus Love – Way too upright vs Wright in one-on-one drill. Also looked stiff. Not a natural knee bender. Love threw Wright to the ground on the next rep. DeMarcus bent his knees better after the coach spoke with him between reps.

Danny Watkins – Blocked McPhee cleanly in one-on-one drill. Rode him wide of the QB. Anchored well when Thornton tried to bull rush him. Really works hard to sustain his blocks.

Rodney Hudson – Failed to get any movement on Neild on run play in team session. Stonewalled Thornton in pass pro. On the next snap Taylor beat him to the inside with a swim move. Hudson then came right back and got the best of Jenkins.

Lee Ziemba – Got beaten by Wright in one-on-one drill. Lee got upright immediately and was passive, letting the rusher get into his body and then by him.

Kris O’Dowd – Good effort in one-on-one drill. Stayed with the block. Still not showing the kind of footwork I was hoping to see. Got walked back in pass pro by Thornton. Never could re-set.

James Carpenter – Got the best of Bailey in the one-on-one drill. Patient. Engaged when Bailey got there and kept control of him the whole time. Moved his feet well laterally.

Derek Sherrod – Very under control as a pass blocker. Patient. Lets guy come to him, but then engages and wins the battle.   ==========================================



Allen Bailey – Struggled off the edge vs Sherrod. Beat O’Dowd up the middle. Used rip move to get by him. Hasn’t stood out to me at all.

Phil Taylor – Used a beautiful swim move to bet by Hudson in one-on-one drill. Looked quick as he flew into the backfield. Blew up an inside run in the team session. Was right there for the TFL, but no tackling allowed.

Cedric Thornton – Can be very quick off the ball. Was OTG too much in team session. Has got to keep his feet.

Chris Nield – Showed the ability to hold the POA. Plays with good leverage. Grinder type. His hero should be Kelly Gregg.


Von Miller – Played OLB in team drills. Played the run well. Engages blockers and holds the POA. The big thing for me is that he looks comfortable as 4-3 OLB.

Chris White – Made a good play in the team session. Lined up at SAM. Stuffed the FB off the edge and then got the RB as he tried to go up the middle.

KJ Wright – Got blocked on a run play and all he could do was lunge for the ballcarrier. Took part in the pass rush drills with the linemen. Showed quickness off the ball. Light on his feet.

Colin McCarthy – Was out of place a couple of times in the team session. Got aggressive and then lost sight of the ball. Filled well on inside run play in the team session.

Josh Bynes – Read a draw play well and got into proper position to make the play. It was a non-tackling drill so he could only grab the RB.


DeAndre McDaniel – Had air-tight coverage on Stocker on short pass play. Kept the pass from being completed. Had good coverage on a downfield pass to another TE.

Ahmad Black – Quick feet. Shows some coverage ability.


Shareece Wright – Covered well in drills and the team sessions. Broke up a short pass to Smith in the team session. Got a good break on the ball. Just looks like a gifted man coverage CB. Confident, aggressive player.

Marcus Gilchrist – S and CB. Good break on ball on underneath throw to TE.

Curtis Brown – Good break on ball.

Day 3 – NORTH



Colin Kaepernick – Threw the ball really well. Continues to impress. You can see how physically gifted he is. Also seems to be making the most progress of the QBs in the game.

Jake Locker – Still waiting for Jake to stand out.


DeMarco Murray – Lunged and whiffed in pass pro drill. LB went right by him. Did a good job vs Matthews on his next attempt. Did a good job vs Kerrigan on the next rep. Impressive.

Roy Helu – Did a real good job vs Homan in pass rush drill. Didn’t buy fakes. Just held his ground and blocked.

Kendall Hunter – Did an outstanding job in pass rush drill. Fought and fought. Aggressive. Tough. Has some pop when he blocks. There is no hesitation or doubt. Goes after his targets.


James Brewer – Played RG and RT. Okay in pass pro at RT.

Gabe Carimi – Threw a DB to the ground on a WR screen pass in the team session. Beautiful. Had a good day in pass pro.

Anthony Castonzo – Played G and T. I’m surprised by how comfortable he’s looked at G. I hope he plays some inside in the game to see how he does in that setting. Solid in pass pro on the edge.

Nate Solder – Played RT in team session. Did pretty well. Got beaten off the snap by Kerrigan once, but rode him wide and kept him from getting to the QB.

Steve Schilling – Beaten by Ballard on run play, but the RB cut inside so it actually helped the play. Struggled at times with quick DTs.

John Moffitt – Did well on run plays in the team session. Got beat by Ballard in pass pro. Too athletic.




Christian Ballard – Continued to show good quickness and athletic ability. Beat Moffitt and Schilling in the team session with quick upfield moves. Showed a good swim move. Disruptive player.

Sione Fua – Uses his hands well. Really fights to get off blocks.

Cameron Jordan – Played DT in the team sessions and got good penetration a few times. Really hard to block, one-on-one.

Ryan Kerrigan – Spent some time in the LB/RB pass rush drills. Looked awkward at first. On 2nd try used a bull rush move on Helu and put him on the ground. Beat Brewer from LDE in the team session. Beat Solder in the team session a couple of times.

Ian Williams – Had some success getting by Carimi in a G/DT matchup. Ian used his hands well to get by Carimi.

Jeremy Beal – Beat Brewer off the edge from LDE. Showed a good burst.


Casey Matthews – Used a spin move in the pass rush drill and got by the RB. Played the run well in the team session. Smart and instinctive. Knows where the ball will be. He’s growing on me a bit more each day.

Mason Foster – Struggled early on in the pass rush drill. Danced too much. Needed to use a move or bull rush. On his 3rd attempt mixed in a good inside move and got by the RB. On the next try he overpowered Kendall Hunter.

Mark Herzlich – Awkward in pass rush drill. Used hands/arms well, but feet were slow and that made him easy to block. Looked a step slow in team session.

Greg Jones – Didn’t look good in the pass rush drill. He looked tentative as he tried moves. Gotta go full bore to beat blockers. On his next try went hard off the edge and got by the FB. Played TE screen well.

Lawrence Wilson – Looked pretty good in the pass rush drill. Agile, quick. Looked comfortable.

Ross Homan – Smart, instinctive player. Always seemed to be where he should. Played MLB in the team sessions.

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