Senior Bowl, Day 2

by Tommy Lawlor¬† –¬†




Andy Dalton – The NFL-N crew raved about Andy, but I was less impressed. He had sloppy footwork in a movement drill. He looked awkward, uncomfortable. Made one terrible throw to the right side in team drill. Did make some good throws as well. He won a ton of games at TCU and there is reason to like him, but he is inconsistent on intermediate throws and that bugs me.

Greg McElroy – Average arm. Made intermediate throw in team drill and you could literally watch the ball in flight. We knew he wasn’t overly gifted coming in. McElroy was chosen for the Senior Bowl as much to sell tickets as anything. And I’m okay with that. Get some local players in so the game has a good atmosphere. Greg has done some good things, but he’s just not going to stand out in drills.

Christian Ponder – Didn’t get to see him do a lot.


Jeremy Kerley – Looked very good. Quick. Excellent body control. Showed suddenness. Caught the ball smoothly. We knew he was a gifted returner, but he’s showing the skills to be a very good slot receiver as well.

Leonard Hankerson – Lacks quickness, speed, but does have good hands. I don’t think he’s shown the kind of athleticism needed to start in the NFL. Could be a good role player.

Greg Salas – Natural receiver. Knows how to get open and catch the ball. Feet are awkward. Doesn’t look quick or smooth, but gets the job done.

Courtney Smith – Problem with drops. Had reputation as being slow and DBs weren’t afraid to play him aggressively because of that. Small school guys need to impress in all star games. That’s not happening for Smith so far. Too bad.


Anthony Allen – Got knocked down by DB on outside run. As a guy with a reputation for being a downhill runner with some pop it was discouraging to see that happen so easily. The DB didn’t get a killshot.


DeMarcus Love – Played RG and RT. Up and down day. Too upright, awkward. Awkward pull from RG to the left side. DeMarcus was slow and upright. Got knocked back off the ball by Jenkins, but recovered and held his ground. Must be quicker. Struggled at times. Holds his ground well once he’s able to lock on to a defender.

Danny Watkins – Played mostly LG. Danny is helping himself. He makes mistakes, but then seems to listen well when the coach corrects something. Watkins is playing up to his reputation of a nasty, feisty blocker. Finishes his blocks. Has good hand punch. Gets to the 2nd level quickly. Sloppy at times, but shows NFL talent and ability.

Rodney Hudson – So much fun to watch. Very quick off the ball. Moves smoothly. Excellent agility. Can anchor well for small guy. Just has to get his feet set. Playing some C and G. I think C could be a great fit for him. Going only 291 is less of a hindrance in there.

Lee Ziemba – Up and down, but mostly down. First saw him playing RG. That really surprised me. I always thought of Lee as a pure OT. He was inside in a team drill. Real good block of LB on inside run. Looked smooth in getting up to the 2nd level. Good block of DT on run play to his side. Created a hole for the RB. I was all of a sudden interested in him as a big OG prospect. Then they went to the one-on-one drills. Lee struggled. A lot. Feet were too wide and he didn’t anchor well. Lacked the quickness to handle rushers. Didn’t have any confidence. The coach was all over him, but Lee got in a rut and didn’t come out of it.

Kris O’Dowd – Disappointing. I was hoping he’d play well and look like a real good C prospect. Didn’t happen. Slow with his hands. Catches defenders instead of getting into them. Doesn’t move his feet well. Tends to plant and reach. Bad day, partially due to high expectations.

James Carpenter – Looked real good in a 2-pt stance. Listened to the coach and did well in pass pro. Let the rushers come to him and then stonewalled them. Mike Mayock made an interesting comment. Just going off tape, he didn’t think Carpenter was draftable. I was shocked to hear that. He’s always impressed me as a solid OT prospect. Mayock liked what he saw on Tuesday and was re-evaluating things.

Clint Boling – Played RT. He did about what I expected. He lacks the foot speed to be at his best on the outside, but you know he’ll battle on every snap. Better run blocker than pass protector.

Marcus Gilbert – Played RT. Had a solid day. Big guy who plays big. Did okay in pass protection. Not a gifted athlete, but generally controlled pass rushers. Teams wanting a RT have to be very interested.

Jake Kirkpatrick – Center. Lacks ideal size and that cost him at times. Phil Taylor ate him up on some reps. Jake impressed though as he came back and won some reps of his own. Good blocker when he’s got leverage and has his feet set. Stonewalled Taylor on one play.

Derek Sherrod – Really looks the part of a LT. Good pass blocker. Isn’t a mauler on run plays, but looks like a guy that will be good positional blocker. Seemed very coachable. Could be great value in the 2nd round.



Allen Bailey – I wasn’t particularly impressed with what I saw, but Mayock made mention that he thought Bailey had a good day. I didn’t see him beating blockers with his initial burst. He also failed to disengage from blockers. To be fair, we didn’t get to see very much of Bailey.

Jarvis Jenkins – Big DT had a good day. Used his size and strength to beat blockers in the one-on-one drills. Quick off the ball.

Phil Taylor – Big man. Just overwhelmed some blockers in the one-on-one drills. Plays up to his size. Some big guys are finesse. Not Phil. He plays like a big bully. Very impressive at times.

Cedric Thornton – Small school DT did some good things. He gave Lee Ziemba fits a couple of times. Showed some quickness off the ball. Doesn’t look overwhelmed by the step up in competition.


Kelvin Sheppard – Good job as ILB vs run plays. Got off blocks and flowed to the ball. Read plays well. Not a great athlete, but moved around pretty good for a 250-pound MLB.

Von Miller – We didn’t get to see him in the pass rush drills. That was disappointing. He looked pretty good as a LB. Played in space and held his own. 3-4 teams have to be excited with what they’re seeing. He’s meant to rush the passer most of the time, but shows functional ability off the ball.


Shareece Wright – Solid showing. Wright knocked down Anthony Allen on run to the outside. Not a violent hit, just showed natural power. Looked very athletic in coverage drills. He broke on the ball quickly. Looked comfortable in man coverage. Wasn’t perfect, but impressed.

Demarcus Van Dyke – Skinny, but shows good coverage instincts. Smart player. Played deep route well. Too upright in his backpedal.

Marcus Gilchrist – Played too soft in the coverage drills. Hard to evaluate him like that. He’s best when pressing or playing back like a Safety.

Curtis Brown – Skinny build. Hips looked a bit stiff.

Johnny Patrick – Played off on several reps and wasn’t very effective. Looked too passive. Patrick is better when he can be aggressive in coverage.





Colin Kaepernick – I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. Colin isn’t a polished player, but he also doesn’t look overwhelmed at all. A couple of years ago we had some spread QBs that struggled just taking the snap. Kaepernick is coachable and shows a lot of talent. His arm is for real. He can put serious zip on the ball when he wants to. Raw, but definitely getting the attention of QB gurus who want a player to develop.

Jake Locker – Jake didn’t really stand out to me, good or bad. You can continue to see his raw ability. Really a gifted player. He was interviewed and brought up an interesting point. Jake played in the Wing T in high school. His first couple of years at UW were in a different offense. He’s just been in a pro system for 2 years so learning to throw from the pocket is still very much an ongoing process. That gives you some hope that he can go from raw talent to polished QB.


Dane Sanzenbacher – New addition to the game. Ran good routes and showed a feel for getting open. Made a couple of impressive hands catches. Wasn’t getting much separation, but was able to catch the ball when tightly covered.

Dwayne Harris – Did some good things. Ran pretty good routes. Showed good speed as he ate up the DBs cushion when facing off coverage.

Titus Young – Another good day. Made one great cut and got himself wide open along the sideline. That was an NFL move. Great footwork, body control. Continued to run by just about every DB that tried to cover him. Some guys played way off and just let Young catch the ball underneath. Even then he’s dangerous. Young has excellent RAC ability. Young is the biggest offensive star of the Senior Bowl so far.

Vincent Brown – Another good day. Ran good routes. Cut well and showed good feet. Once again showed very good hands. Brown isn’t the biggest or fastest guy, but looks like a polished receiver.


James Brewer – He saw time at RG and RT. Good and bad. He’s big and plays up to that size. He can stonewall defenders if he gets his hands on them and gets his body in front. The problem is that he doesn’t have good feet and struggles with quick defenders. Got beaten by swim moves a couple of times as well. I can’t decide if I like him as a G prospect. Could be a RT in the right offense.

Gabe Carimi – Another good day. Played G and T. He’s meant for LT, but is willing to slide inside to show what he can do. Playing up to his potential.

Anthony Castonzo – They’re playing him at T and RG. Anthony did okay at RG. I don’t know if he could play on the inside full time, but he’s embracing the challenge. More importantly, he’s played well at LT. You can see his pass pro ability. Natural pass blocker.

Nate Solder – Seeing time at LT and RT. Good job in pass pro. Looks like a 1st round OT. He isn’t dominating guys the way D’Brickashaw Ferguson did a few years back, but Solder wins his battles.



Christian Ballard – Good day. Played DE and DT. Beat several blockers with both power and quickness. Showed his athletic ability. Has a lot of potential. He’s 288 pounds, but has enough burst to be a 4-3 DE. The problem is that the potential didn’t translate well in his college career. He’s playing better in Mobile than he did at Iowa.

Sione Fua – Didn’t stand out to me a lot, but had one great moment. Used a terrific swim move to go right by the G and get into the backfield.

Cameron Jordan – Monster day. Played DE and DT. Ate up blockers at both spots. Used his hands/arms really well. Guys had trouble blocking him even when they were in good position. 3-4 teams are drooling over Jordan. You have to wonder if a 4-3 team might not have some interest in him as a LDE. 6’4, 287 is big, but Jordan can run and is athletic. He could slide inside on passing downs. Real interesting player.


Casey Matthews – We haven’t seen enough of the LBs. We’re getting them in team drills and that’s about it. Thanks, NFL Network. Anyway, Matthews has looked okay. He made a good read vs WR screen and got upfield quickly. He wasn’t allowed to tackle so he could only run near the guy. That play showed his instincts and ability to read plays. Also looked quick. He’s moving well, which you expect from a 6’1, 232 MLB. I can’t wait to see him in the game and how he deals with blockers and getting through trash.


Kendric Burney – Big improvement from Monday. Showed quick feet and good agility. Had Austin Pettis tightly covered on an intermediate pass and then broke it up. Looked good on that play. Broke up a downfield pass to Harris. That was good to see after Monday’s downfield struggles. Played with a lot more confidence, and that really is crucial for CBs.

Richard Sherman – New addition to the roster. Good press corner. Can turn and run with receivers. Didn’t look comfortable playing off and wasn’t very effective.

Rashad Carmichael – Up and down. Covered Niles Paul tightly on a play when he pressed. Had good coverage on another rep until he slipped. Other times he gave up completions.

Eric Hagg – Showed his physical limitations. Not an athletically gifted player. Needs to “know” what will happen. Does have pretty good instincts. Guessed a couple of times and got it right. When he has to react and go purely off athleticism, Hagg gets exposed. More of a gamer than a practice player.

Quinton Carter – Solid day. Covered Titus Young on a route and held his own. Played off and gave up an inside completion, but no Safety is going to win that matchup. Does well in coverage for a 211-pound SS.

Jaiquawn Jarrett – Awkward in man coverage. Too high in his backpedal. Good effort, but he’s got to use better technique when going up against NFL type talent.

Jalil Brown – Good day. Showed off his man cover skills. Has good feet. Athletic corner. Played like a smart corner as well. Showed a good feel for knowing what the receiver was likely to do. Undercut a sideline throw to Brown and should have knocked the ball away, but somehow missed it.

Joe Lefeged – Better day. Looked more athletic, less stiff. Still had some reps where his receiver shook him and got wide open with a good route.

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