Senior Bowl, Day 1

by Tommy Lawlor  –

You can’t make too much out of what happens on Monday.  The players are in shorts and shoulder pads.  They are just getting a feel for things.  Some guys adjust quickly while others take a day or two.  Let’s talk about what we do know.

WR Titus Young – Showed excellent speed.  Some guys time fast, but Young played fast.  He ran by just about anyone that tried to cover him.  He adjusted to the ball well on downfield throws.  Still needs to work on his route running.  Looks like a playmaker.  Always a good thing when you stand out in Mobile.

WR Vincent Brown – He snatched the ball with ease.  I love WRs that are hands catchers.  They pluck the ball naturally and that takes away a lot of drops.  Brown had a good day.  He looked the part of an NFL receiver.

WR Austin Pettis – Typical of what I expected.  Pettis lacks speed, quickness, but he is a good receiver.  He’s got very good RAC ability.  Catches the ball well.  There is a place for him in the NFL, but I don’t see him as starter material.

QB Jake Locker – Jake had an up and down showing.  He was just as physically gifted as I expected, but matched that with his erratic passing.  Tons of potential.  Jake isn’t going to get better in a few days.  He needs the full time attention of an NFL coaching staff to hone his skills and make him more of a polished passer.

QB Colin Kapernick – Threw the ball well at times.   Had one run in a team drill where he showed his potential as a ground weapon.  Just took off with his long stride and ate up yards.  Playing under Center will be a challenge, but he is showing NFL potential.  He’s not all that different from Tim Tebow last year.     OL Gabe Carimi – Played LT and LG.  Looked good at both spots.

OL Nate Solder – Measured in at over 6’8.  That’s tall.  Played mostly LT.  Had a good day in pass pro.  You can see that his run blocking is going to need some work.

OL James Brewer – Split time at RT and RG.  Had some real good moments at RT.  Stonewalled some pass rushers with his size and strength.  Got off to a good start.

OL Kevin Kowalski – Played Center.  Had a highlight play in the team drill.  Got out wide on a WR screen pass and floored a defender.  Then jumped on the guy and stayed there for a couple of seconds.  Kevin was more up and down in the one-on-one drills.  He’s not the biggest or strongest guy.

OL Jason Pinkston – He failed to stand out in any drills, but did a solid job.  I was interested to see his measurements.  Jason was 6033, 312 with big hands and long arms.  He’s about an inch short of being a solid OT prospect, but having long arms does help his cause.

OL Stephen Schilling – He was at RG every time I saw him.  The key for me was his size.  He measured in at 6’4, 302.  I also thought his lower legs were skinny.  That size will turn off some teams.

DE Pierre Allen – Didn’t show much of a burst.  Struggled to beat blockers with his upfield rush or to get off blocks once engaged.  Not a good start to the week.

DE Christian Ballard – He’s an awkward fit for one-on-one drills.  Lacks the burst to be a natural pass rusher, but he does have athletic ability.  Coach Jay Hayes was getting on him about how to attack the blocker.  You can tell Ballard is somewhat raw at DE.

DE Jeremy Beal – Didn’t stand out.  Went up against good LTs and got blocked most of the time.  Beal measured in at 6023, 268, which is good size for him.  He can add a few pounds for teams that want him over 270 or lose a few for those who want more of a pure speed rusher.  Needs to show better burst in the rest of the week.

DL Cameron Jordan – I’ve been a fan of his for the last 2 years and it seems like the rest of the world is catching on.  Big at 6’4, 287, but still athletic.  Showed good strength, power in the one-on-one drills.  Too much for some blockers to handle.  Good start.

DE Ryan Kerrigan – My favorite DL at the Senior Bowl.  Got blocked by Solder on one rep and then used a hard inside move to fly by him the next.  You like to see a rusher that has moves and counter-moves.  Looked quick, fast, and athletic.  Measured in just under 6’4 (6037).  That gives him a good frame.

DT Ian Williams – Up and down day.  He missed almost half the season so there was reason to expect some rust.  Big, powerful NT.  Bull rush guy.

LB Lawrence Wilson – Only measured in at 6006, 226.  That’s smaller than I expected.  Showed some potential in the coverage drills.

LB Mark Herzlich – The one true SAM LB in the game.  Mark is 6035, 250.  He’s more of a gamer than someone who will shine in drills.  Looked awkward in coverage at times.

LB Mason Foster – Like Herzlich, I think he’ll play better than he practices.  Foster had one awkward rep in a coverage drill.  He rode his receiver 20 yards downfield.  He’d have been called for holding, illegal contact, and pass interference on the same play.  Gotta clean stuff like that up.
CB Kendric Burney – Showed his limitations.  Looked lost when covering receivers downfield.  He’s supposed to be a Cover 2 corner and that showed yesterday.  Got better as the day went along.  Only 5’9, 181 and has short arms as well.

CB Rashad Carmichael – Got off to a good start.  Showed good feet and looked athletic in coverage.  Measured in at 5095, 185.

DB Eric Hagg – He was a late addition to the game.  I’m glad he’s in.  Hagg (6’1, 206) did some good things in the coverage drills.  He was selling out on short routes, but did look athletic.

S Quinton Carter – Held his own in the coverage drills.  Measured in at 6’1, 211, good size for a Safety.

SS Jaiquawn Jarret – Not a gifted cover guy, but did okay.  Too high in his backpedal, but wasn’t stiff overall.  He’s meant to be a box Safety, but there is some coverage ability to work with.

SS Joe Lefeged – He did look overmatched in coverage.  I’m hoping that was rust and nerves.

SS Da’Norris Searcy – I was pleasantly surprised with how well he moved.  Did well at times in coverage.  Also has a good SS build at 5’11, 216.


* Noel Devine is only 5’7, 160.  Wow.  That drops him down quite a bit.  Devine makes Derrick Locke at 5’8, 186 look like Brandon Jacobs.

* DE Allen Bailey is 6’3, 278 with big hands and long arms.  He gets an A+ on the eyeball test, but this week it will be important for him to show teams that he can play up to his potential.  He’s got a LDE body, but I think sometimes he’s still convinced that he’s Dwight Freeney.  Big, strong guys need to play big and strong.

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