Prospect News & Notes

by Tommy Lawlor  –

* Auburn LT Lee Ziemba will be back on the field this Saturday.  That’s good news.  Auburn and Lee were coy about exactly what his injury was, but thankfully it wasn’t the dreaded ACL.    

* I’m still in the middle of the OSU/Miami tape, but I don’t like what I’ve seen of Jacory Harris at all.  I’ve never been a big fan of his motion.  I don’t like his body language.  He doesn’t look “right”.  It isn’t a case of panic or happy feet.  He just doesn’t look confident.  Harris was 22-39 in the game with 4 INTs.  A couple weren’t his fault, but he still didn’t play well.

* FS Mark Barron was outstanding last week for Alabama.  I’d never really focused on him for a full game.  It is always interesting to see how a guy with a big reputation plays after you’ve read a lot about him.  Barron lived up to the hype.  He covered well.  He was smart.  He picked off a pass.  Barron was also good vs the run.  He tackled well out in space.  I was impressed to see him take on runners at the LOS and be physical.  Barron is only a Junior, but he’s the best Safety I’ve seen so far this year.

* Virgnia CB Ras-I Dowling is a very good prospect.  He’s missed the first 2 games with a hamstring problem.  Let’s hope he gets on the field soon.

* The best Senior WR I’ve seen so far is Ronald Johnson of USC.  He’s hardly great, but I have been impressed with him.  He runs good routes.  He catches the ball well.  He has RAC ability.  Ronald got lousy QB play last week and it hurt his numbers.  It looked like he lost at least one long TD to a bad throw.

* ‘Bama RB Mark Ingram will return to the field at Duke.  The Blue Devils had a tough time last week with Wake Forest’s rushing attack.  Ingram picked the right week to come back from a knee injury.

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