Prospect News

by Tommy Lawlor  –

* Pitt DE Greg Romeus will undergo back surgery to deal with a disc problem.  He’s going to miss some games, but there is hope that he’ll return this year.  Romeus (6’6, 270) is a good player with lots of potential.  A strong Senior season could have pushed him into the late 1st/early 2nd round.  Now, it is hard to gauge his value.

* West Va CB Brandon Hogan was arrested for DUI.  Coach Bill Stewart has suspended him indefinitely.

* Purdue WR Keith Smith suffered a bad injury in last weekend’s game.  Smith (6’2, 226) is a quality possession receiver.  He caught 18 passes in the first 2 games.  He suffered a torn ACL, MCL.

* Here’s an article on a couple of Ivy League players.

* Very interesting article on Jerod Mayo’s little brother and what happened to him when Hofstra dropped its football program.

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