LT Marcus Cannon – TCU

by Tommy Lawlor  –

I watched some of the TCU/Oregon State game to check out some prospects.  The one who really stood out to me was LT Marcus Cannon.  He spent the last couple of years on the right side, but moved to the left when Marshall Newhouse and Nic Richmond graduated.  Cannon is massive.  They list him at 6’6, 350.  That isn’t an ideal LT build.  I was curious to see how he’d do at protecting QB Andy Dalton’s blind side.

Cannon played well.  He is an impressive OT.  Yes, he’s big, but he is also nimble.  There were a couple of plays where he fell down while trying to block in tight quarters, but I was shocked to see him hop right up and find someone to block.  That’s not normal.  Most big guys stay down.  Cannon looked agile.  He also showed a good motor.

Cannon reminded me of Jeff Otah, the former Pitt OT who was a 1st round pick back in 2008.  I don’t know that Cannon can handle LT at the next level, but he does look like good RT material, the spot where Otah has thrived in the NFL.  Cannon also might be a great OG.  He’s got the bulk and power to be a good drive blocker.  He’s agile and athletic enough to be an effective pass blocker.  Cannon uses his hands well.  Speed rushers are tough on him, but Cannon is able to ride them wide of the pocket and give his QB a chance to get rid of the ball or move in the pocket.

Cannon has 2 years of starting experience already under his belt.  He’s not just some big guy with raw potential.  Marcus knows what he’s doing.  That will make him a more attractive prospect.  He also has good feet.  He takes short, quick steps and works hard to mirror rushers.  Marcus is a natural knee bender.  That makes a tremendous difference when watching him in pass protection compared to other big guys.  Remember Herman Johnson from LSU?  He had no chance at OT.  He was a tree with arms.  Cannon is nothing like that.

I need to watch a lot more of Cannon before being comfortable with assessing his true value, but if he plays well the rest of the year, he could easily find himself in the top handful of OT prospects.

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