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by Tommy Lawlor  –

Most of this is bad news.  We’ll have some good stuff to talk about once the games start this weekend.  Onto the info…

Star RB Mark Ingram will have surgery on his left knee.  Luckily this isn’t a major injury.  He’ll have an arthroscopic procedure done.  Ingram is out for Alabama’s opener.  He could return the next week or miss a couple of more games.  It all depends on how his knee responds.  This shouldn’t seriously affect his draft value, assuming he’s back on the field soon and playing at a high level.

* * * * *

There was some talk recently about Florida playing Mike Pouncey out at RT to help them overcome an injury situation, but they’ve decided to leave him at C.  That’s a good move.  Mike is a good fit in the middle.

* * * * *

QB Jeremiah Masoli has to sit for the year.  He was kicked off the team at Oregon back in the spring.  Masoli transferred to Ole Miss and expected to be able to play right away.  The NCAA reviewed the situation and said that since the transfer wasn’t for academic reasons he’ll have to sit for the 2010 season.  I’m sure Ole Miss will appeal, but don’t hold your breath on them winning.  Masoli has serious character issues and isn’t a great prospect so this isn’t a big draft nugget, but this has been an interesting situation to follow.

Sticking with Ole Miss and bad news, DE Kentrell Lockett is having some heart problems.  He’s out indefinitely until doctors can figure out what is causing a rhythmic heart condition and then treat it.  Lockett is a quality college DE, but nothing special as a pro prospect.  Let’s hope he’s back on the field in a couple of weeks.

* * * * *

Mizzou RB Derrick Washington has been kicked off the team.  I posted the other day about his situation.  He was accused of raping a tutor this summer.

* * * * *

UNC DT Marvin Austin has been suspended indefinitely by coach Butch Davis.  This has nothing to do with the NCAA investigation or academic fraud probe.  Austin was suspended for a violation of team rules.  He recently went on Twitter to defend himself and really did nothing to help his cause.  I’m sure the coaches were scratching their heads about why someone who’d created a huge mess by using Twitter would go back there to solve the situation.  Marvin was overrated as a prospect and is proving himself to be a giant headache that teams won’t want to deal with.

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