OT Gabe Carimi & Some Richmond Seniors

by Tommy Lawlor  ,  ScoutsNotebook.com

One of the top Senior OTs in the nation is Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin.  He’s started 36 games at LT for the Badgers.  Gabe took over when some guy named Joe Thomas left.  Carimi lists at 6’7, 327.  Those numbers might be off a little, but he’s a big dude.  And he’s pretty athletic.  I absolutely think he can be an NFL LT.

Carimi is a better run blocker than pass blocker.  Gabe gets off the ball well. He’s a good drive blocker.  He’s able to move his man off the ball.  That’s due to effort and strength, as well as good form.  Gabe bends his knees and plays with good leverage, especially for such a big guy.  He can also pull and block on the move.

His pass pro is okay, but needs work.  When Gabe spreads his feet, he has a really wide base.  He doesn’t always use his hands well in pass pro. He’s got to improve in that area.  Carimi does have pretty good feet.  He has the physical skills to be a good pass blocker.  He gets sloppy at times, but that’s something that coaching and practice can change.  One of his bad habits is that Carimi will lunge at the defender on some plays. There’s no point in that.  He needs to be smoother.  Gabe is athletic enough to mirror the rusher and then use his hands to take control of the guy.  Carimi is powerful and can be nasty on some plays.  Against Indiana last year he put his defender on the ground on a pass play.  Gabe got his hands on the guy and threw him down.  That’s the kind of bully mentality you love in a LT.  You can’t help but think of Tony Boselli when you see something like that.

Carimi had some struggles vs Iowa last year.  DE Adrian Clayborn, a likely 1st rounder, gave him fits more than a few times.  Clayborn is athletic and powerful, a tough combination for any blocker.  The two teams meet on Oct. 23rd this year.  It will be interesting to see who wins the battle between Gabe and Adrian.

Gabe needs a strong Senior year to be a 1st round pick, but I don’t think that is out of the question.  He certainly won’t last too long in the draft.  A guy with his size, athleticism, and experience will be in demand next April.

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Richmond has had one of the best I-AA programs over the last 5 years.  Here is a good article on some key Seniors who should be NFL prospects.   You have to love any team who is nicknamed the “Spiders”.

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  2. KLAUS says:


    i have made the profound decision to become a regular commenter. i am interested ONLY in hardcore analysis.

    carmini: when i pretend i used to work as a scout in the premier league, i pretend that we had the geopolitical slogan – and i apologize for the vulgarity – big 10=big shit. everyone from that conference has absolutely no movement. they cant violently set their hips. they cant violently shoot their hands out. the only 2 big 10 proletariats worth anything are brandon graham, cliff avril, joe thomas, woodley. and joe thomas, woodley, and graham cannot move particularly well either. avril is the only big 10 prole in the last 10 years who can turn his hips. i drafted woodley in 2007 then bill polian called offering a 1st rounder in 2008 to take tony ugoh and woodley was off the dixie stars. i will never forgive polian for that phone call. carmini cannot move and will be a total failure. i rather have mike otto who is another big 10 failure and back up prole in tennesse. you could probably acquire mike otto for a 7th rounder or he will be riding the wiave in 2 weeks. stay away from the holocaust of the big 10.

    you want violent athletes? i say that you must – with a total f_cking imperative consistent with the Lacanian object petit a – look to the south. You take a man like derek sherrod from mississippi state. tough as train smoke. violent hands. a technician. a thinker. he understands the marxist division of labour. you want a left tackle – or as i called the position when i was the selector for the dixie stars , a bandit – for the next decade, as the idiots like to say? You take Sherrod in round 2 or 3 and you have a starting bandit for the next 20 years.

    please note i selected dunlap this year in round 2 and he had a superb game yesterday against your eagles. the first target was linval joseph but we received a trade down offer from the brown lightning who beat out beliczek for rob gronkowski. joseph was not there and dunlap was next. jospeh will be a good prole – but this looks like one situation where lady luck not only smiled, but also had intercourse.

    reading list: houllebecq: “h.p. lovecraft: against the world, against life”
    baudelaire “on poe”
    i will be heretical and say the former text is better than the latter

    further reading: anything by thomas j.j. altizer http://altizer.narod.ru/

    will make some other comments on proles later.