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by Tommy Lawlor  –

I wrote a lengthy Eagles draft review a while back.  Here’s the link.

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Here is a good article on I-AA wide receivers.  There is usually a prospect or two from that level that becomes a mid-round pick.   

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Steelers RT Willie Colon has suffered a bad achilles injury and looks like he’ll now miss the 2010 season.  That’s a big blow to the Pittsburgh offense.  The O-line was up and down with Colon, but he did bring stability.  Willie started the last 54 games for them.  Now the Steelers have to decide what to do.  They can put  Trai Essex in at RT.  They can put Essex at LT and shift Max Starks to the right side, where he’s played in the past.  All of this shifting around could lead to rookie Maurkice Pouncey possibly factoring in.  He could take over RG or C if they decide to move more guys around.

The good news is that the Steelers will have all of Training Camp and the preseason to figure things out.  The bad news is that they will have a reconfigured OL blocking for a QB who holds the ball too much.  That can lead to some disastrous plays.  And of course all of this will happen when Big Ben comes back from his suspension.  Bizarre offseason in Blitzburgh.

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Buffalo coach Chan Gailey has a “pecking order” at QB that he’s not talking about.  Gailey knows who will work with the first team initially, but doesn’t want to say.  Trent Edwards, Brian Brohm, and Ryan Fitzpatrick are in competition for the starting job.  Gailey is wise enough to know that you can’t treat them equally.  Someone has to start at the top and get most of the snaps with the 1’s.  It is up to that player to keep the job.  It is up to the other players to try and steal it from him.

I’m not a huge fan of Gailey’s decision to remain secretive.  If the guy can’t handle the spotlight in June/July, how the heck is he supposed to lead a team to a good season?  It isn’t as if any of these players are rookies that don’t know what’s going on.  All 3 have been around the league for a while.  I’m sure Gailey thinks he’s protecting them.  I’d go the opposite way and put pressure on them.  Obviously Gailey knows infinitely more about QBs than I do.  I’m just offering an opinion.  I think it helps the team to know who the #1 guy is, even if the spot is still up for grabs.  They’ll find out soon enough, so why keep it a secret for now?

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