‘Skins Acquire Jammal Brown

by, Matt Alkire – Scoutsnotebook.com

Big move in Washington today as the Redskins made a trade with the Saints for left offensive tackle Jammal Brown. The details of the trade are longer and more confusing than Lawlor’s arrest record, but if you want to check them out Adam Schefter has them up on ESPN.com. Essentially, the Skins are giving up either a 2011 3rd or 4th round draft pick and then a 6th rounder in 2012 for Brown.

Mike Shanahan has now gone out and protected the investment he made in Donovan McNabb twice with this move and depending on which Jammal Brown shows up he may find a player that the Redskins are willing to give an extension to after the season to anchor the line on the other side of rookie Trent Williams, another former Sooner like Brown. I only bring up which Brown they’ll get because right now the feedback is already running wild that this is either a “great move” or that Brown is “a bum”.

Brown has been to the Pro Bowl twice in his career and while I’ll agree that it can certainly be a popularity contest, he deserved it when he was there. He has great size, he’s a very good run blocker and his pass protection has been excellent when I’ve seen him play. It helps that Drew Brees gets rid of the ball so quickly, but I have to give the guy credit.

On the other hand, Brown missed last season with hip and sports hernia injuries and was planning to hold out this year as the Saints were not planning on giving him a long-term extension. Last year Jermon Bushrod stepped in at left tackle in his absence and played well enough to help lead them to a Super Bowl win. My issue is, you don’t trade away a player you think has franchise left tackle ability just because another guy stepped in and “helped you get by” for 12 weeks, you move him because you either think Bushrod is special, have some issues with Brown’s play or have had enough of Brown. Maybe it’s a combination of things, I don’t know.

When McNabb was signed NFC East fans were laughing at Redskins fans bragging over the acquisition of their new franchise quarterback. They were picturing Tuck, Ware, Spencer, Cole, Umenyiora and others dancing on his twisted body as bewildered, second-rate tackles stood there wondering what happened. It was the ultimate “we know something you don’t” joke that people in D.C. either didn’t get or just didn’t want to be realistic about. If Brown is healthy, those sacks will still come, but it’s no longer quite the joke it was. The Redskins now have some solid players book-ending their offensive line and may be able to protect No. 5 for a while. If only they had more than two guys that were a threat downfield now.

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